Wainu Tai Chi Camp 2013 details    


Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan Camp May 2013
Wainuiomata, Wellington, New Zealand
About the course
Shi Mei Lin is holding this Tai Chi camp/seminar to commemorate 25 years of living and teaching Tai Chi and The Tao in New Zealand.
Master Shi Mei Lin is the adopted daughter of Wu Style Tai Chi Grand Masters Wu Ying Hua and Ma Yueh Liang. They gave her the name Wu Yan Tang. In 1990 Grandmaster Wu and Grandmaster Ma came to see Shi Mei Lin in New Zealand staying for 6 months. It was the only country outside of China and Hong Kong that Grand master Wu was to demonstrate her Tai Chi in while visiting.
Shi Mei Lin will hold a three day international Tai Chi camp in Wellington New Zealand in May 2013 for Wu Stylists from her Wu Ying Hua and Ma Yueh Liang Wu Style Tai Chi Line. If other Wu Stylists or other Tai Chi stylists are interested please contact us via this web site’s contact form. During the four days Shi Mei Lin will cover and demonstrate many aspects of the Wu Style.  
As well as this this memorial to one of her Tai Chi Grand Masters, the purpose is also to raise the standard of Tai Chi for those who already practice and also to give novices a thorough introduction to the art.
The camp will be an opportunity to explore Tai Chi in depth through intensive and sustained practice with Master Shi Mei Lin and a range of her students from all over the world. Shi Mei Lin represents a direct line to the Tai Chi of Grand Masters Ma and Wu. She practiced with them and was instructed by them both daily for many years while living in Shanghai. Shi Mei Lin often represented Wu Style Tai Chi with Grand Master Ma and Grand Master Wu at martial arts demonstrations, competitions and conferences. She also co-authored the book “Wu Style Tai Chi Fast Form” with Grand Master Ma and Grand Master Wu.
It is also a chance to see forms and aspects of Wu style Tai Chi performed by Master Shi Mei Lin herself as well as view her personal video footage of Grand Masters Wu Ying Hua and Ma Yueh Liang. Apart from the Wu style Long form, attendees can also practice and gain insight into the weapons forms of Wu Style Tai Chi and some of its other forms.
The other aim of the camp is for people to relax, put away the everyday stresses and worries while they concentrate on their Tai Chi practice. They can return some sense of balance and harmony to their life. They should return home refreshed and invigorated. The beautiful tranquil surroundings and the lack of interruption from daily events will also enhance the experience and benefit those that attend.
Master Shi Mei Lin wishes to run the course in the same spirit of Tai Chi and the Tao that she experienced studying with Grand Masters Ma Yueh Liang and Wu Ying Hua. She also wants to show how Tai Chi and Tai Chi Pushing hands can enhance people’s daily life. It can do this by helping them become more centred, peaceful and energised and better understand the Tao. Though learning Tai Chi Pushing Hands is an important excercise in developing self defence skills in Tai Chi it is not a competition. It should be practiced with each other in an atmosphere of mutual learning and respect no matter what your level of Tai Chi is.
Date of Course : 3 - 5 May 2013.
Check into the camp on Friday morning 3 May 2013, check out 5th May Sunday afternoon 2013.
Cost of the course : TBA.
The course costs are payable by cheque if paying from inside New Zealand:
Overseas participants should pay the full amount by a bank cheque or international money order before by
April 30th 2013.
The cost covers full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner, drinks and refreshment during breaks) and tuition, however participants will need to bring their own towels. (Participants may bring their own bedding/sleeping bag or can have this provided at the extra charge of $NZ 25 per night)
Bring sun cream/sun block, outdoor training shoes and indoor training shoes, since whenever possible the training will take place outdoors.
If people prefer to stay in motel accommodation locally rather than the camp they may, The course fee can be adjusted accordingly.
NB. All fees are non refundable unless the course is cancelled.
About Camp Wainui
Camp Wainui is attractively set in a sheltered valley, and offers an ideal base for activities, adventures, learning and ‘time-out’. It is only 22 kilometres from the Wellington Railway Station, (about 30 minutes by car - except during “rush hour”) and 10 km from the centre of Lower Hutt. Located at 203 Coast Road, Wainuiomata, the camp is less than 4 km South of the town’s shopping centre.

A large part of the Camp’s 240 hectares is clad in bush, native trees and ferns. There are many tracks through the bush for easy or more challenging tramping. Some tracks lead to the adjacent Rimutaka Forest Park. In addition, there are grassed fields for sporting activities and/or tenting. There is also a lagoon for swimming or canoeing - some kayaks and life jackets are available.                                                                                                                                        
Camp Wainui provides for all types of groups requiring accommodation - from small groups to larger numbers. There are three accommodation areas - the Peter Burgess Lodge Complex; the Grattan Bushline Hut plus tent and caravan sites.
The accommodation is clean, comfortable but basic. The Camp trust is set up at present to cater mainly for School groups. The accommodation is small dormitories with bunk beds, and shared showers.
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