New Year 2017 Ten Week Block Courses:

Beginner Wu Style Tai Chi Johnsonville
​Monday 25th of September 6-7pm 

Beginner Guang Xuan Qi Gong & Tai Chi Stretch
Retired/Seniors Class Johnsonville 
New Term 
Tuesday October 17th   9:30-10:30am 
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Week Class Timetable:


* NEW Beginner Class*   ​Starts September 25th
6-7pm Tai Chi
Dao Health Centre Johnsonville
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7-8pm Tai Chi
Dao Health Centre, Johnsonville


NEW Morning Class
9:30am-10:30am Guang Xuan Qi Gong
 & Tai Chi Stretch; 
Dao Health Centre Johnsonville
Shi Mei Lin Tai Chi Students


* NEW Beginner Class* 
6-7pm Tai Chi
Dao Health Centre Johnsonville
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* Beginner Class* 
7-8pm Tai Chi
Dao Health Centre Johnsonville


Guang Xuan Qi Gong;
Khandallah Bowling Club,
Retired and  Seniors

6-7pm Tai Chi Long Form
31 Hobson Crescent Thorndon.

"Tai Chi is a Moving Meditation, Stillness in Motion"

Weekend Class Timetable:

Accumulate Energy
•Create Wellness & Vitality
•Increase Flexibility
•Develop a Strong Centre    
with Gentle Calmness  


New Kung Fu Class
Shao Lin Kung Fu;
Dao Health Centre Johnsonville.
Beginners Welcome


Monthly Seminar Class: 
Dao Health Centre Johnsonville

Seminar Class October 1st & 29th
Classes may vary in: 
Tai Chi, Shao Lin, Qi gong stretch, Sword etc. 

Shanghai China Tai Chi Classes
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