Master Shi Mei Lin's(Wu Yan Tang) Linage & history

Her Teachers

Ma Yue Liang
Ma Yue Liang (1901-1998)

Grand Master Ma Yue Liang, Husband of Wu Ying Hua learned the complete Wu style from Wu Chien Chuan, Carrying the Style through for the next generation and was famous through out China for his push hands. Master Ma also cultivated the Dao in his daily life.
Wu Ying Hua
Wu Ying Hua (1907-1996) 

Grand Master Wu Ying Hua, daughter of Grand Master Wu Chien Chuan. Her father taught her after she showed interest and great potiental in Wu Style Tai Chi. After her fathers passing she became head of the Wu Chien Chuan Tai Chi Association in ShangHai.


  1. Shi Mei Lin
  2. Ma Hai Long; Guang Xuan Chen; Ma Jiang Bao; Shi Mei Lin; Ma Jiang Ling
  3. Ma Jiang Bao; Shi Mei Lin
  4. Shi Mei Lin, Ma Yue Liang, Ma Jiang Bao
Master Shi Mei Lin has now been teaching in New Zealand for over 25 years, and now in teaches in the tranquil surrounding of her own Dao Health Centre. 

In 1974 she toured with Chinese Wushu teams internationally, including the United States when she was part of an elite Chinese Martial Arts Delegation that also included Jet Li (Li Lianjie). 

In 1983 Master Shi Mei Lin demonstrated the Wu-style t'ai chi Fast Form at the All China Traditional Martial Arts competition in Nanchang where she received the Award of Excellence.  In 1986 she won the Chinese National Tai Chi sword competition as well as becoming the Wu-style t'ai chi Champion.

Master Shi Mei Lin often represented Wu-style t'ai chi with Grand Master Ma Yue Liang and Grand Master Wu Ying Hua at martial arts demonstrations, competitions and conferences in China. She also co-authored the book "Wu Style Tai Chi Fast Form" with Grand Master Ma and Grand Master Wu.

In 1986 Shi Mei Lin moved to the Netherlands teaching there across seven cities for two years before emigrating to New Zealand where she now lives and teaches Wu-style t'ai chi and Wushu. 

1990 Grandmaster Ma and Wu cam to visit Shi Mei Lin in New Zealand, TV3 filmed and interviewed Grandmaster Ma and Wu in Wellington Botanic Gardens. With Shi Mei Lin they also did demonstrations in Auckland and Christchurch.

In 1995-96 Master Shi Mei Lin lived for a time in Taiwan, teaching the Taiwan Wu Shu team.

Master Shi Mei Lin has visited and taught in Tuscon Arizona over seven times. 

In 2004 Master Ma Jiang Bao (Grandmaster Ma & Wu's 3rd son) came to visit Master Shi Mei Lin.
She is the current head Wushu Taolu coach of the New Zealand Kung Fu Wushu Federation and in 2007 her student was selected as a wild card entry into the 2008 Beijing Wushu Tournament which was held in conjunction with the 2008 Beijing Olympics to represent New Zealand. 

In 2010 Master Shi Mei Lin performed Tai Chi/Wu Shu Sword as part of the introduction to the China Elite Wu Shu Team visiting Wellington.
Shi Mei Lin, Ma Yue Liang & Wu Ying Hua Tai Chi
  1. TV3 Report On GrandMaster Ma & Wu in NZ
  2. Wu Ying Hua & Shi Mei Lin 2 person Sword
  3. Grand Master Ma with Master Shi Mei Lin
  4. GrandMaster Wu with Master Shi Mei Lin
  5. GrandMaster Ma push hands with Shi Mei Lin
  6. Ma Yue Liang & Shi Mei Lin Push Hands